What creams are best for dry skin in the foot?

Giving advice as to the best foot cream can be somewhat difficult as everyone responds differently to the same skin and the response is very variable. What works well for one person with not work well for another, so clinicians have to be someone cautious in making a recommendation.

It is often wise to start with and select a foot cream that is most likely to affect the greater percent of people. The urea creams are often recommended as clinical experience often suggest that a lot more people tend to respond to these creams than other types. What is good about the urea creams is that they are available in different concentrations and they each have different affects. The lower concentrations (less than around 20%) is good to help to increase the moisture content of the skin. The concentrations above 20% tend to be more helpful at getting rid of dry skin, especially if it is not to thick and callused. The concentrations of around 40% are more helpful for the harder, drier and thicker skins.

It can take a bit of trial and error to get it right and you may need to try several brands and types of skin creams to get the better on that suits you. Whatever you do, you have to use the cream. They need to be used daily (maybe twice daily to start with to get on top of the problem). A good clinician will not always recommend just one foot cream. They will recommend a range of options depending on the individual needs.

Peter is a Podiatrist in Miami with a passion for the profession and sharing foot health information.